What are the characteristics of flexible led strip lights?
Different lighting designs can create different atmospheres. At the same time, it can also shape the image of the space and render the atmosphere of the home. The light and dark intertwined light can also construct the space, giving a new space soul. The innovative design of flexible led strip lights can bring a light effect to the extreme.

Flexible led strip lights are different from traditional lamps. They emit uniform light, have a strong sense of space and three-dimensionality, and satisfy our longing for light. So what are the performance characteristics of flexible led strip lights?

1. Flexible led strip lights are gentle but not dazzling, with a strong atmosphere.
2. Different shapes and styles can be made, easy to make shapes, characters, etc., with strong flexibility.
3. Flexible led strip lights to have a long life span, about 11 years.
4. The length of the light strip can be arbitrarily cut according to needs, showing a coherent light line
5. Flexible led strip lights can change different colors to create a warm atmosphere.

As a flexible led strip lights manufacturer, we can make various styles of light strips to meet the needs of different scenarios.