Where are indoor led strip lights installed?
The use of light strips indoors is diversified, whether it is to create an atmosphere or increase the sense of space, it has a good effect. Indoor led strip lights can be used at home or in different commercial buildings. So, where are they generally installed?

1. Top light strip
It is a very common practice to install light strips on the ceiling. Indoor led strip lights can be installed around the ceiling or directly on the ceiling. It can be matched with other light sources and combined with light and dark, and the top can be added. The sense of hierarchy.

2. Wall lamp belt
The wall of the home can also be matched with light strips, especially the TV background wall at home, if you install light strips, you will have a sense of luxury.

3. Cabinet light strip
When customizing furniture, you can also consider adding light strips together. Installing light strips in the cabinet can make it easier to see the clothes inside. In addition, you can also install it on the cabinet. Choose a light with induction, which is beautiful and practical.

4. Anchor lamp belt
Indoor led strip lights can also be used on the feet to make space look more layered, and the light strips are often used as night lights. If there are elderly people at home, you can consider installing light strips on the feet.

There are many options for installing indoor led strip lights, not just the ones mentioned above, as long as there is a need, you can consider installing indoor led strip lights anywhere. The strip manufacturers remind users that they can arrange strips according to their own preferences. Installation place.