What are the different types of LED lights?
The led strip is a primitive and multi-faceted lighting method, it has become the first choice for home lighting or commercial applications. Choosing LED lights is a wise choice because it provides higher brightness without generating more heat, efficient, and durable. There are various types of LED strips available whether it is used in offices or used to decorate houses. Now there are even led neon lights, which are different from ordinary neon lights.

AC led flexible strip
The lighting method of AC led flexible light bar is wider than the DC LED flexible light bar, with a width of 0.5 inches and a length of 0.25 inches. When a lamp contains 20 LEDs per foot, its size will increase to provide 180 lumens. They are plug and play! You just need to plug in the power supply and you can use them immediately. Another advantage of the flexible light strip is that it can be stretched continuously up to 150 feet, or it can be cut every 18 inches.

DC led flexible strip
DC LED flexible strip lights are a common type of DIY lighting projects. The DC LED flexible strip has 12-volt flexible LEDs, which can provide accent lighting around the room, which can fulfill its tasks and have beautiful functions. 3M double-sided tape is installed on the back of the flexible strip light for easy installation. In addition, it has a small profile with a width of only 10 mm and a length of 3 mm. This strip type can provide cutting lines up to 16.4 feet for more precise measurement of cuts.

led rope light
LED rope lights are different. The light bar is not flat but ribbon-shaped. It is wrapped in a round rubber-like plastic and has the similarity of a rope. The LED rope light belt has a waterproof box that can be bent in different directions so that omnidirectional LEDs can be used. Therefore, it emits light from the top and sides of the entire rope. You can plug and play the LED rope light, it is compatible with standard wall sockets, the output voltage of the socket is 120VAC.

High output led strip
The high-output led strip light has a more robust strip, allowing the installation of medium and high power LEDs. Best for those who are looking for LED strips that can provide the highest brightness. You can apply it to small rooms with high ceilings, cabinets, or any room that requires high brightness. It is ideal to use a 24VDC power supply on high output LED strips. In addition, you can set power and dimming controls on the strip. The control is a low-profile board-to-board connector attached to the end of the strip. It will help you focus the bar light on a specific area.