What Should I Pay Attention To For Custom Led Strip Lights?
Did you find it? Nowadays, LED light strips are used on many occasions, and their application fields are also increasing. In addition to household regular decoration, large stage, architectural decoration, outdoor park decoration, there are also some small billboards, jewelry display counters, etc. LED strip lights are also used in places because the use occasions are different, custom led strip lights are needed. Let's take a look today. What do we need to pay attention to with custom led strip lights?

1. Pay attention to the LED chip. LED lights have many different chips, and they are divided into built-in and external. The luminous effect of the LED strips made by different types of chips is also different. There are many types of LEDs, custom led strip lights You need to customize the lamp beads according to the color and light color you need so that the customized lamp strip can achieve the lighting effect you want.

2. Understand what type of FPC is. Generally, FPC is divided into two types: rolled copper and coated copper. Rolled copper and FPC are closely connected. This process can bend the light strip at will without falling off the pad. The phenomenon, the quality of the light strips produced by this process is very good, but the cost is relatively expensive. Therefore, FPC is also an important factor in custom led strip lights.

3. Pay attention to the solder joints of the lamp beads. The current LED light strip manufacturers generally use SMT chip technology, using solder paste and reflow soldering process. In this case, the amount of solder on the light strip will not be too much, and the solder joints will be relatively smooth. When the non-formal manufacturers produce the light strips, the solder joints of the lamp beads are very uneven. Most of them are covered by a dot, and there will be a lot of tin tips. These are common phenomena in manual welding. , Custom led strip lights must choose regular manufacturers using modern technology.

4. Pay attention to the appearance of the light strip. The light strip produced by the modern SMT process has a very clean and beautiful appearance. There will be no defects such as stains and impurities. If the light strip is produced by hand welding, its surface will have welding stains and traces. It can't be removed. Looking at the appearance is a good way to distinguish the quality of the light strip.