Advantages Of Flexible Led Strip Lights
LED Strip, the product shape is like a belt, so it is called flexible led strip lights, and the commonly used specifications are 0603, 0805, 1210, 3528, 5050. There are around two lines, round three lines, flat three lines, flat-four lines, etc.; the colors are red, green, blue, yellow, white, colorful, and so on. Diameter: 10mm---16mm.

Flexible led strip lights are widely used, suitable for decoration and lighting of car decoration, signs, advertising signs, wine cabinets, jewelry cabinets, entertainment places, paths, and outline signs. With different LED color combinations, the perfect visual effect is displayed.

The features of flexible led strip lights are as follows:
1. Soft and can be curled like a wire
2. Able to cut and extend
3. The light bulb and circuit are completely covered in flexible plastic, which has good insulation and waterproof performance and is safe to use
4. Strong weather resistance
5. Not easy to break, long service life
6. Easy to make graphics, text, and other shapes;

I think the main advantage of flexible led strip lights is that the luminous color can be changed, the light can be adjusted, the color change can be controlled, and the effect of single color and RGB can be chosen. Bring colorful visual effects on the environment.