Application of neon flexible strip light in hotel design
Neon flexible strip light has been widely used in the decoration of commercial places. In recent years, neon flexible strip light has gradually entered the hotel design. Installing neon flexible strip light in the hotel lobby will make the indoor atmosphere more colorful. There are two main types of neon flexible strip light lighting: artistic contour lighting and advertising lighting.

(1) Artistic contour lighting. According to the specific outline of the hotel design (such as curved window outline, ceiling shape, wall art decoration, etc.): install neon tubes on the decorative surface to highlight the outline and produce a three-dimensional effect. If combined with another lighting, using neon flexible strip light hidden in the ceiling, the artistic effect will be stronger.

(2) Advertising lighting. In hotel design, neon flexible strip light is generally bent into a sign or a certain pattern, which is used as a small indoor advertising sign. The signboard frame can be made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy profiles, with beautiful appearance, and the content on the signboard is highly targeted, which is often the content of business. The neon flexible strip light on the signboard should have high brightness because there are other lighting methods in the room, the dark light will appear very flat, and it will not play a role in publicity.

Indoor advertising signs are also widely used in shopping mall advertising signs, bars, exhibition halls, and other places. The working voltage and starting voltage of neon flexible strip light is relatively high, and the voltage is as high as several thousand volts when starting. The advantages of using neon flexible strip light in the hotel design process are long life (up to 15000h or more), instant start, adjustable light output, and the lamp tube can be made into various shapes (text, pattern, etc.). Equipped with a control circuit, one part of the lamp tube can emit light while the other part of the lamp tube is extinguished, and the pattern is constantly changed to shine, which can attract people's attention and play an obvious role in publicity.