Use and installation of indoor led strip lights
Lighting can make the building full of art, and it can also give the building a soul. The indoor led strip lights can make the room warm, and at the same time render the space atmosphere and enhance the overall sense of hierarchy.

In modern decoration, LED strip lights are an indispensable part, but people usually don't touch it much. Indoor led strip lights are mostly hidden, so most people don't know what LED strip lights are.

About indoor led strip lights

Indoor led strip lights were born with the development of LED technology. When there are no LED strip lights, T4 and T5 tubes are used for backlighting, but the small size of T4 and T5 tubes is 0.3 meters, which means that if there is not enough At 0.3 meters, there will be a dark area.

The LED light strips have uniform light emission and can be cut according to the actual length. It is very convenient. In addition, there are red, green, blue, yellow, white, warm white, and other multi-light colors to choose from, and there are even colorful changes. Now basically Instead of T4 and T5 tubes, use indoor led strip lights!

The indoor led strip lights are strip-shaped, fixed with a fixed card, and can be lit when connected to 220V.