Installation precautions for led tape strip lights
The installation of led tape strip lights is a very important link. Factors such as the voltage and the cutting of the light strip must be taken into consideration. Attention should be paid to every installation link, which is summarized in the following 7 aspects.

1. Do not turn on the led tape strip lights when the entire roll of led tape strip lights is not separated from the packaging or piled up.

2. When the light strip needs to be cut according to the installation length on-site, the light strip can only be cut at the place where the scissors mark is printed, otherwise, it will cause one of the groups to not light up. Generally, the length of each group is 5-10CM.

3. When connecting the power supply or connecting two light strips in series, first bend the lamp head to the left and right, so that the wires in the light strip are exposed about 2-3mm, cut it clean with pliers without leaving burrs, and then connect with the male pin. To avoid short circuits.

4. Only light strips with the same specification and voltage can be connected in series, and the total length of the series connection cannot exceed the permitted length.

5. When the led tape strip lights are connected in series, each segment is connected and one segment is illuminated in the pilot, in order to find out whether the positive and negative are connected wrongly, and whether the light emission direction of each segment of the strip is the same.

6. The end of the led tape strip lights must be covered with silicone tail plugs, and then plugged with silicone plugs, then install the flat card master.

7. Due to the unidirectional conductivity of LEDs, if you use a power cord with an AC/DC converter, you should perform a power-on test after completing the power connection to confirm that the positive and negative connections are correct before putting it into use.

The above are the precautions for the installation of led tape strip lights. Different people may have different installation methods. We can continuously summarize experience and methods during the actual installation process.