The effect of installing indoor led strip lights
Interior decoration can make the room look good, especially the change of lighting, which gives a very warm feeling. There are many functions of indoor led strip lights, we can take a look together.

1. The basic function of indoor led strip lights is auxiliary lighting to increase the brightness of the indoor environment. Indoor led strip lights can be used as a supplementary light source. Choosing a suitable light strip color can create a good combination of light effects with the main light source, making the room brighter and more eye-catching.


2. Clearly show the outline of the space, making the design more layered
The outline of indoor led strip lights can well enhance the spatial sense of hierarchy, enrich the light environment of the space, and at the same time create a visual effect of contrast between virtual and real, and bright and dark.

Ceiling light belt:
The combination of ceiling and light strip is one of the most common designs, usually in the shape of a back shape. The auxiliary decoration function of the light strip can make the overall look of the room more beautiful and richer. The addition of ceiling lights makes the space more transparent, clear, and elegant, highlighting the extraordinary atmosphere of a luxurious mansion.

Cabinet light belt:
Cabinet light strips are also a very common way to use them. It is a common practice to place light strips on the inside of the cabinet’s shelf. This method can reflect the internal contours of the cabinet and the ornaments on the shelf. It is easy to create mediocrity. For the magical effect.

Background wall light strip:
If you don't want a wrap-around ceiling light strip, you can also arrange a single strip in the decorative area, such as the TV background wall, the addition of light strips, and ceiling lights that can naturally attract the focus of attention, making this area a high-profile area.

Different use of indoor led strip lights can bring different effects. As long as the designer exerts his creativity, it is possible to present a different visual effect.