What are the advantages of commercial led strip lights?
The colorful lighting fixtures look particularly good at night, and these fixtures have switched from traditional to new LED fixtures. As a new type of lighting source, commercial led strip lights have many advantages, not only energy-saving and environmental protection, but also other advantages.

1. The color of commercial led strip lights is changeable: it is not only white with different color temperature, but also various other colors. LEDs can imitate various colors of nature through different light-emitting chips, and the colors are gorgeous and vivid.

2. Commercial led strip lights to have a variety of protections: all components from world-renowned manufacturers are used, with various protections such as overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, open circuit, lightning protection and surge protection, and more stable functions.

3. Commercial led strip lights to have high color rendering: LED color rendering is as high as over 85, and the color of the illuminated object is vivid.

4. Commercial led strip lights are sturdy and durable: because the LED is encapsulated with epoxy resin or high-temperature-resistant silica gel, it has strong flexibility and is not afraid of being thrown or kneaded. It is sturdy and durable.

5. Commercial led strip lights to have no heat: traditional lamps will emit high heat radiation at the same time, and the illuminated object will be deformed and faded. LED is a cold light source, and the light has no heat and has no effect on the object.

6. Commercial led strip lights have a long life: the life of incandescent lamps is only 1,000 hours, the life of energy-saving lamps is only 2,000 to 8,000 hours, and the life of LEDs is 80,000 to 100,000 hours.

7. Commercial led strip lights to have no ultraviolet or infrared: traditional lighting has ultraviolet and infrared, and ultraviolet is harmful to the human body, LED does not have ultraviolet or infrared.

8. Commercial led strip lights without stroboscopic: Traditional lights have stroboscopic, which is harmful to the eyes, especially young people. The LED is driven by a constant current, no flicker, no damage to the eyes, and can protect the eyes of teenagers and children.

9. Commercial led strip lights environmental protection: Traditional lamps have lead, energy-saving lamps have mercury, which is extremely harmful to the human body and the environment; LEDs are lead-free and mercury-free, without any harm to the human body, and are green products.

10. Commercial led strip lights to save electricity: LED is 90% less electricity than incandescent lamps and 50% less electricity than energy-saving lamps.

11. Commercial led strip lights to have high constant current accuracy: LED lighting is driven by a constant current drive power supply, and the unevenness of constant current accuracy is a very important quality criterion for LED lamps. The constant current accuracy of the LED strip is 99%.

12. Commercial led strip lights wide voltage, adjustable brightness: 12V, 24V36V, and 240V voltage, adjustable brightness.

As commercial lighting, led strip lights to have other advantages. It is the trend of the times, and with the improvement of science and technology, Led lighting technology will also have greater breakthroughs.